Brian D. Marx

Professor | Graduate Advisor | Editor Statistical Modelling

Department of Experimental Statistics

Room 141 Martin D Woodin Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-5606 USA

Telephone:   +1 225 578-8366
Fax:              +1 225 578-8344
Email:            bmarx *at* lsu *dot* edu

Expert Statistical Consultant
Statistical Consulting Services, LLC

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Research Interests

Books, Software, Journal

Short Course on The Joys of P-splines

 Courses Available, please contact:   bmarx *at* lsu *dot* edu
 [Previously titled, The Craft of Smoothing ]

  Preface and Course Outline  here

  Course Software and Demos (Requires JOPS on CRAN)  here

   Course (to be) presented:

  • Technical University Dortmund, Germany, (July 5-6, 2021)
  • University of Goettingen, Germany, (July 19-20, 2019)
  • University of Southampton, United Kingdom, (July 10-11, 2017)
  • University of Goettingen, Germany, (August 4-5, 2016)
  • DAGStat German Statistical Meeting, Freiburg, Germany, (March 18, 2013)
  • Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria (July, 2012)
  • University of Innsbruck, Austria (July, 2019)
  • Irish Statistical Society, Dublin, Ireland, (October 2-3, 2009)
  • Conference on Regression Models, Sao Pedro, Sao Paulo, Brazil (February 21-23, 2005)
  • Joint American Statistical Association Meetings, Toronto, Ontario, August 9, 2004
  • Inernational Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Leuven, Belgium, July 6, 2003
  • ENAR Biometrics Meeting, Tampa, Florida, March 30, 2003

Selected Articles

  • Multivariate Calibration on Hetrogeneous Samples. Journal of Chemometrics and Intelligent Lab Systems, (2021) (with B. Li et al.). [PDF]
  • Multivariate Calibration with Robust Signal Regression. Statistical Modelling, (2020) (with B. Li et al.). [PDF]
  • Twenty Years of P-splines. Statistics and Operations Research Transactions, (2016) (with P. Eilers and Maria Durban). [PDF]
  • Varying-coefficient single-index signal regression. Chemometrics and Intelligent Lab Systems, doi: 10.1016/j.chemolab.2015.02.005, (2015). [PDF]
  • Multidimensional single-index signal regression. Chemometrics and Intelligent Lab Systems, DOI: 10.1016/j.chemolab.2011.08.006, (2011) (with P. Eilers and B. Li). [PDF]
  • Splines, knots and penalties Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics (2010) (with P. Eilers) [PDF]
  • P-spline varying coefficient models for complex data. (2010) : Statistical Modelling and Regression Structures– Festschrift in Honour of Ludwig Fahrmeir (Eds. T.Kneib & G.Tutz). Physica-Verlag. [PDF]
  • Bilinear modulation models for seasonal tables of counts. Statistics and Computing, 20(2): 191-202, (2009) (with P. Eilers, J. Gampe, R.Rau). [PDF]
  • Multivariate calibration with single-index signal regression. Chemometrics and Intelligent Lab Systems, 96 : 196-202, (2009) (with P. Eilers and B. Li). [PDF]
  • Sharpening penalized signal regression. Statistical Modelling, 8 (4): 367-383, (2008) (with Bin Li). [PDF]
  • Modulation models for seasonal incidence tables. Statistics in Medicine, 27 (17): 3430-3441, (2008) (with P. Eilers, J. Gampe, R. Rau). [PDF]
  • Space-varying coefficient models for brain imaging. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 51 : 6212-6228, (2007) (with S. Heim, L. Fahrmeir, P. Eilers). [PDF]
  • Multidimensional penalized signal regression. Technometrics, 47 (1): 13-22, (2005) (with Paul Eilers). [PDF]
  • Multidimensional calibration with temperature interaction using two-dimensional penalized signal regression. Chemometrics and Intell Lab Sys, 66: 159-174, (2003) (with P Eilers). [PDF]
  • Generalized linear additive smooth structures. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 11(4), 758-783, (2002) (with Paul Eilers). [PDF]
  • Multivariate calibration stability: a comparison of methods. Journal of Chemometrics, 16, 1-12, (2002) (with Paul Eilers). [PDF]
  • Generalized linear regression for sampled signals or curves: A P-spline approach, Technometrics, 41(1): 1-13, (1999) (with Paul Eilers). [PDF]
  • Direct generalized additive modeling with penalized likelihood, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 28(2): 193-209, (1998) (with Paul Eilers). [PDF]
  • Flexible smoothing with B-splines and penalties (with comments and rejoinder), Statistical Science, 11(2): 89-121, (1996) (with Paul Eilers) [PDF]
  • Iteratively reweighted partial least squares estimation for generalized linear regression, Technometrics, 38(4): 374-381, (1996). [PDF]
  • Collinearity in generalized linear regression, Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods, 22 (7): 1933-1952, (1993) (with Emmanuel Lesaffre) [PDF]
  • A continuum of principal component generalized linear regressions, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 13: 385-393. (1992). [PDF]
  • Principal component estimation for generalized linear regression, Biometrika, 77(1): 23-31, (1990) (with Eric Smith). [PDF]
  • Weighted multicollinearity in logistic regression: diagnostics and biased estimation techniques with an example from lake acidification, CJFAS, 47 (6): 1128-35 (1990) (with Eric Smith). [PDF]

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